WP E-Commerce Shop Styling 2.2 released

I has been a long time since the previous plugin update. This release brings some small and one really remarkable changes to the Shop Styling Plugin.

added “Shipping Option” placeholder

Matej Rokos sent me an email containing this new feature a few weeks ago. He needed this placeholder for his client project and decided to share it with me and all other shop styling users. Thank you Matej!

fixed “duplicate entry…” SQL error

There has been a bug spamming your error log with an SQL error documented in the support forum. It took some time, but it’s fixed now.

added option to disable HTML for non wpsc mails

Because the shop styling plugin previously modified all outgoing mails we had some conflicts with newsletter plugins so I added a config option to limit the HTML formatting to wp-ecomemrce mails only.

added filter for custom placeholders

This feature is a milestone regarding customization of the plugin. You can define your own placeholders for HTML mails, Transaction Results and even the PDF invoice with a filter.

Define a placeholder and add it to the content wrapped in curly brackets. At runtime you can replace this placeholder by your dynamic content.

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