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All In One WordPress E-Mail Templates

The general appearance of WordPress emails is generally left to each plugin. All WordPress core messages like New Account Notification, Password Reset, Comment Moderation are just simple text messages whilst many plugins have their own email templating system.


WordPress Plugin E-Mail Templates

Some typical examples of plugins sending emails are contact forms and stores. Some of them have their own email templates sometimes as premium add-ons.

But if you use a contact form AND a store on your site there’s no chance to find one template for both plugins email notifications. To have one single template in your corporate design for all your outgoing mails.


wp_mail() and WooCommerce email template files

If you want to solve this issue the hard way there are some points to get started. All WordPress emails are sent with wp_mail() and there’s a filter in this function where you can add your custom code to load a html template.

If you use WooCommerce for example you can override the default email code in your theme, but for this kind of customization you should plan a few days of work. When I did this myself I decided to create a plugin so I don’t have to do this ever again.

So I created the free WP HTML Mail plugin.

Tutorial: Your own WordPress email template in 2 minutes

WP HTML Mail form plugin support


NinjaForms send quite simple mails, without any template. You can customize the content with placeholders for each form field to create a personalized “Thank you” mail and a more structured admin notification.

WP HTML Mail supports NinjaForms notifications out of the box without any add-ons.

Find out more in this article: Send beautiful WordPress Ninja Forms notifications to your customers



Contact Form 7

With Contact Form 7 you can also customize your message content and add placeholders for your form submissions. The interface is not so comfortable as the NinjaForms UI but it works.

The free WP HTML Mail plugin also works with CF7 email notifications.


Caldera Forms

Caldera Forms also has a nice user interface and some nice features. You can configure individual email notifications for customers admins and whoever you want.

In contrast to the plugins mentioned above Caldera Forms has it’s own email templates for 75 USD. If you use WP HTML Mail it is completely free.



WPForms and WPForms-Lite has a template system where you can add your own HTML template files. But if you also want them to be responsive and work on your mobile devices it’s getting really tricky.

I created an WP HTML Mail add-on for WPForms and the free version WPForms-Lite. There are no additional setting to configure, just install the add-on and your WPForms mails work with your WP  HTML template.

view WPForms Add-On

WP HTML Mail Shop Support

Easy Digital Downloads

EDD also has its own email templates but they only work for EDD mails and not for any other mails used on your site.

When you used the WP HTML Mail EDD Add-On you can use your general email template for EDD without any more troubles.

view EDD Add-On



WooCommerce has an awful default mail template so I really had to create an add-on for my customer projects.
I heavily extended this add-on during the last two years. Now you can even edit all contents and the products table of your store mail right from the WP HTML Mail WooCommerce Add-On.

view WooCommerce Add-On


More supported plugins

If you want to use WP HTML Mail for plugins not listed above please add them to this list or vote them up.

Add custom placeholder to WP eCommerce Emails

If you need to customize your WP eCommerce mails you should have a look at the free WordPress plugin WP eCommerce Shop Styling. This plugins offers many placeholders for any type of dynamic values out of the box.

  • Shipping data
  • Payment details
  • Purchase date
  • Prices
  • Any kind of customer details
  • Individual checkout fields
  • Tracking ID
  • Tax

If you need to add your own placeholder try the new filters in version 2.7.

Add placeholder to the editor menu

Add the following code to your (child-) themes functions.php

This will add your placeholder to the editor menu



Set the placeholder content in emails and invoices

Add another piece of code to your functions.php


Ninja Forms Submissions Export to Excel

Ninja Forms already has a built in CSV export. But in some cases CSV is a little bit tricky:

  • Non-latin characters are displayd wrong by Excel
  • Multi-line entries expand to two lines in Excel
  • Kommas in the input values split text to multiple columns


Export example

I created a few entries in the default contact form. PastedGraphic-1 When I export the values Excel pops up and wants to open the file. The result looks like this: PastedGraphic-2 After I use the “Text-to-Column” button it looks like this PastedGraphic-3 non-latin characters as well as multiline textareas make the result unreadable. Although it’s an Excel problem and not a CSV problem it is not user friendly and I can’t hand it out to my clients so I created a Ninja Forms extension to directly export data to Excel format.

view plugin…

Order Easy Digital Downloads by Menu Order

The Easy Digital Downloads [ downloads ] shortcode offers serveral order possibilities by default.

  • price
  • id
  • random
  • post_date
  • title

If you need to order your downloads manually it’s a little bit more tricky.

Sort EDD Downloads

To order the downloads in the backend I use the plugin CMS tree page view.

  • Enable sorting of downloads in Settings -> CMS tree page view
  • Go to Downloads -> Tree view
  • Drag & Drop Downloads to the preferred order

Enable order in your theme

Add the following function to your themes functions.php