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Set custom image in FB.ui Facebook Share Dialog in v2.10+

Since Facebook Javascript API removed the picture parameter in v2.10 and 2.9 was shut down on July 17 2017 there’s no easy way to share an image with a link back to your page.

Facebook will always use your og:image no matter what you provide in FB.ui parameters.

Share an image with Javascript API 2.10

Here is my workaround:

  • I append the desired image as an URL parameter
  • Then I use filters from WordPress SEO by Yoast to write the Open Graph meta data according to the URL parameter
  • Facebook detect’s each of the URLs as individual page so it has to scrape each one individually

Here is my HTML Code: a wrapper containing the image and a share button:

In my Javascript code I simply get the page url and the image url ans put them together with URL parameter og_img

Facebook gets a separate URL for each of my images now.

The next step ist to customize the Open Graph data according to the URL parameter. I use WP SEO by Yoast but you could also output the OG data manually.

Add this to your functions.php

Note: You should not use a share-counter on this page because when each image has its own URL your base URL share counter wont increase.