Connect NinjaForms to your Mailjet Campaigns

1. Get the plugins

Install the free NinjaForms plugin from WordPress plugin repository and get the Mailjet Extension here. To install NinjaFormsMailjet extension go to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload and upload the ZIP file you received.

2. Connect WordPress to your Mailjet Account

Navigate to NinjaForms -> Settings in your WordPress backend.

Enter your API credentials. You can find these credentials in your Mailjet account settings



Now save your settings and configure your form.

3. Connect your form to Mailjet

Navigate to NinjaForms -> Dashboard and edit your form.

Switch to the Emails & Actions tab on the form edit screen and click the blue + on the bottom right again.

Then add the Mailjet action.

Configure the Mailjet action

Choose you subscriber list from the List dropdown, then map each Mailjet field from the left to a NinjaForms field on the right.

The basic setup is done here but there are more recommended settings.

3. Add a signup checkbox (optional)

You can either pass all form submissions to Mailjet (e.g. for a dedicated newsletter form) or add a checkbox to allow users to optionally signup to your newsletter.

If you want to add a checkbox switch to the Form Fields tab click the blue + on the bottom right and use the Mailjet Optin field.

4. Double-Opt-In

The double opt in process is handled within WordPress. Only confirmed recipients are sent to Mailjet.

Create a confirmation page

First of all you have to create some kind of “thank you” page where your new subscribers are redirected after confirming their subscription. This is just an ordinary WordPress page.

Enable Double Opt In in your Mailjet action

Navigate to NinjaForms -> Dashboard and edit your form.
Switch to the Emails & Actions tab on the form edit screen and open your Mailjet action. Enable DOI, select your confirmation page and click Done.

Send the Confirmation Email

Add another Email action, set the email field as recipient, add some text and the confirmation link.

Everything you see in brackets here are MergeTags. You can insert these MergeTags everywhere you see this icon 

If you don’t want to show the raw URL in your email you can switch to the code view and wrap the URL in an <a> tag.

Click Done and publish your form.

Add header, footer and some styling to your email (optional)

To create a beautiful email template for your double opt in email and all other WordPress emails use the free WP HTML Mail Plugin.