Connect your NinjaForms to your CleverReach email campaign

Get the Plugin

The NinjaForms Excel Export extension is available at the NinjaForms Website or right here:

Ninja Forms CleverReach

Connect to your Cleverreach Account to WordPress

In order to enable communication between your WordPress site and Cleverreach you need an access token to connect both system.

Go to Forms -> Settings, and click the button Connect to CleverReach

You’re going to be redirected to CleverReach, enter your credentials and receive an access token automatically.

Now save your settings.


Connect your NinjaForm to CleverReach

Go to Forms -> All Forms and edit one of your Forms. On the tab Emails & Actions you’ll see a + on the bottom right to add additional actions.

Add an action to your NinjaForm

Click this button and add the CleverReach action.

Available NinjaForms Actions

Configure the CleverReach Action

Choose you subscriber list from the List dropdown.

Lists are always combined with their assigned CleverReach opt-in forms. <LIST NAME>:<FORM NAME>

Choose a list to see all available fields below.

Map any NinjaForms field to any CleverReach field

Then select a NinjaForms field on the right for every CleverReach field listed on the left side.

At the bottom of the page in Advanced Settings you can decide wether your users receive a confirmation mail (Double opt-in).

Click Done, save your form and you’re ready to collect subscribers.

Opt-In checkbox with NinjaForms CleverReach extension

If you’r building a pure newsletter signup form it wont be a problem to subscribe anyone who fills out the form to your list, but if you want to allow your users to subscribe to your campaign from any other form you’ll need a checkbox to give your users the chance to choose.

Go to the tab Form Fields within your form and click the blue + at the bottom right of the page.

add a news field to your NinjaForm

Then add the CleverReach OptIn field and configure like you’d do with any other checkbox.

CleverReach Op-In Checkbox