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Create your own email templates for your Easy-Digital-Downloads Shop.

  • Your own colors
  • Custom fonts
  • Header
  • Footer
  • Live preview
  • Responsive
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Super Support
Innerhalb von 3 Minuten würde mir bezüglich meines Problems geholfen. Es könnte nicht besser sein.

@sullivan2000 on wordpress.org

“I searched and searched for a plugin to customize my woo emails…finally I gave WP HTML Emails a shot, WORTH EVERY PENNY!”


“A very good plugin, keep the good work!”


Custom Colors

Customize all colors for header, footer background, fonts and tables with color pickers

Edit Fonts

All fonts can be styled according to your corporate design. Headlines, content, order items, variations, footer, ….


Use your logo, a full width header or just a text header.

Live Preview

Select one of your previous orders and preview the purchase receipt LIVE in the browser.

Footer Editor

Your email footer can contain any formatted text, links or even images.


Emails are optimized for desktop and mobile email clients.