new PDF invoice Footer for WP E-Commerce

In the past it was not possible to generate PDF files with more than one page with the shop styling plugin. If your customers bought too many different products the invoice generated several blank pages before any real content.

In version 1.10 the PDF template and especially the footer were completely rewritten to support multiple pages and also page numbers now.

  • the footer was splitted into three parts left/center/right
  • each footer block may contain 3 lines
  • footer still supports all placeholders
  • additional placeholders {PAGE_NUM} and {PAGE_COUNT} only available in footer
  • footer repeats on each page of the invoice
  • individual color, font and size for each footer

These changes have some side effects:

  • footer position can’t be configured with CSS any more
  • footer text can’t be styled with CSS and WYSIWYG any more

old invoice footer (up to version 1.9.2)

old invoice footer


new invoice footer (since version 1.10)

new pdf invoice footer configuration