Editing WooCommerce Email Content (without coding)

WooCommerce is a great e-commerce solution and thus it is no surprise that more than a third of all online stores worldwide are using it. For all the small weaknesses that it has, there are ample plug-ins and code snipplets to optimize and extend its usability and functionality.
One of these weaknesses is obviously the transactional email. For the time being we will disregard the optical appearance in this article and we will focus on editing the content.

WooCommerce email customizer WP HTML Mail

At this point you have to make a decision:

Variation 1: Overwriting PHP-Templates and making changes to the code

That’s the way I started customizing emails for WooCommerce. For every store I created, I invested 4 to 8 hours, including testing and adapting templates. For this reason I have developed WP HTML Mail, a few years ago.

If it isn’t worth € 60 to you, to save half a day of work, then this is your solution and this article ends here for you.

Variation 2: Editing emails without any coding within 30 minutes

Before we continue please install these plugins:

  • WP HTML Mail from the WordPress Plugin repository
  • the corresponding WooCommerce add-on right here on our website

Email header, logo, footer, colors and fonts

A few basic preparations are necessary before we can start with the content.

Navigate to SETTINGS -> EMAIL TEMPLATE and customize the general design options. Here’s a short video:

Afterwards let’s start editing the content

Customizing WooCommerce email content

Navigate to the tab WOOCOMMERCE on the page SETTINGS -> EMAIL TEMPLATE and active the setting “Customize each email individually.”

Right below you will see a list of emails you can edit. Let’s start with “Processing order”

List of WooCommerce emails

Changing the salutation and the introduction text

We see our email in a live preview window now, like it will be seen by the client later. Just click on the first text block now to customize it. The editor slides in from the right.

All other text blocks can be customized this way.

Modifying the products table

In this way you can also edit the products table, but keep in mind, that the content of this table changes with every order, so you just have to edit the headlines and the first product. All the other lines in the table will look the same.

Adding a column for VAT

You can add more columns or edit existing ones the same way.

Changing product thumbnail sizes