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Ninja Forms Multimedia – Image, Video and Audio fields

Add images, videos or music to your NinjaForms with just a few clicks

A picture is worth a thousand words

What about a video contest?
Users can rate their favorite video

Simple star rating for any video from YouTube, Vimeo or any other platform that works with oembed.

Just copy the link and select the number of available stars:

check out the demo here


Star Rating for audio tracks on your WordPress site

It works exactly the same, but you can upload the music files to your media library. Here’s the result:

check out the demo here


Photo voting with WordPress and NinjaForms

If you use photos you can either just add a like button or a star rating. The latter works as videos and music above.

The “Like”-Feature gives you even more flexibility. You can just add a single image for each field which acts like a checkbox or multiple images connected to each other in one field.

You can also limit the number of images a user can select.

check out the demo here


€39,00 – Purchase Excluding 20% tax

Contains free updates and support for one year.
Buy without any risk with 30 days money back guarantee