Customizing WooCommerce Email Content

To customize the look and feel of WooCommerce mails you can use the WP HTML mail WooCommerce Extension. Without writing a single line of code you can customize colors, fonts, images …

UPDATE: WP HTML Mail for WooCommerce can customize all of your WooCommerce email text, images and product table and add even more content.

If you want to change the content, for example the text you can still override the template files.

Create WooCommerce template folder

Create a folder inside your theme or child theme your-theme/woocommerce/emails/ .

Copy WooCommerce email templates

Normally you’d copy files from the woocommerce plugin template folder, but if you use the WP HTML mail plugin you should copy the templates from plugins-folder/wp-html-mail-woocommerce/views/woocommerce/template .

I removed some inline styles from the original templates to make them more customizable.

8 thoughts on “Customizing WooCommerce Email Content”

  1. Hi, I recently purchased the Woocommerce part of your wordpress plug-in. It has sorted most issues out that we were having. however we are experiencing an issues where the title e.g. Failed Order, New Order etc. is duplicating. I was wondering if you knew why this might be?

    1. Hey Chris,
      There’s already an update for this bug. I’ll send you an email.
      You’ll also receive an update notification in a few days.
      best regards, Hannes

  2. Hello! I enjoy your WP HTML Mail plugin, but the Woocommerce settings tab has not worked for a couple months. When I click the WooCommerce tab, the WP HTML tabs disappear, there are no settings visible and only the following text is visible:
    “Thank you for your order
    Thank you for your order
    Your order has been received and is now being processed. Your order details are shown below for your reference:”

    All of the other tabs work fine. Outgoing emails seem to be working fine, but I cannot change any settings for the WooCommerce emails. I’d be happy to email you a screen shot if that would be helpful.

    1. Hey Chris,
      I’ve seen this problem long time ago. Do you use current versions?
      WP HTML Mail 2.2.6
      WP HTML Mail WooCommerce 2.3
      PHP 5.6 or higher
      best regards, Hannes

  3. Hello,
    thx for the helpful plugin. It works just fine…sometimes the data disappear in the respect “field” if I save the template (Woocommerce).

    One question: If I want to design a custom template, it would be very helpful to be able to copy a product table into the new custom template. Is there a way I missed.

    Again, thanks for the very good plugin

    1. Hello,
      If the customization features in the plugin are not enough you can just customize the productstable from WooCommerce template files (override them in your theme), there is no way between.
      best regards, Hannes

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