Add custom placeholder to WP eCommerce Emails

If you need to customize your WP eCommerce mails you should have a look at the free WordPress plugin WP eCommerce Shop Styling. This plugins offers many placeholders for any type of dynamic values out of the box.

  • Shipping data
  • Payment details
  • Purchase date
  • Prices
  • Any kind of customer details
  • Individual checkout fields
  • Tracking ID
  • Tax

If you need to add your own placeholder try the new filters in version 2.7.

Add placeholder to the editor menu

Add the following code to your (child-) themes functions.php

function register_my_shopstyling_placeholders($invoice_placeholders){
    $invoice_placeholders[] = array(
        'fieldvalue' => 'my_placeholder',
        'fieldname'  => 'My Placeholder'
    return $invoice_placeholders;
add_filter( 'shopstyling_editor_placeholders', 'register_my_shopstyling_placeholders');

This will add your placeholder to the editor menu



Set the placeholder content in emails and invoices

Add another piece of code to your functions.php

function my_shopstyling_placeholder_values($params){
 // you may need the purchase_id to create dynamic content
   foreach ($params as $param) {
       if( $param['unique_name'] == 'purchase_id' )
            $purchase_id = $param['value'];       

    $params[]= array(
       'unique_name' => 'my_placeholder',
       'value'           => 'My replaced value'
 return $params;     
add_filter( 'shopstyling_placeholders', 'my_shopstyling_placeholder_values');


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  1. App Web

    I and using e-commerce and coupons
    How can i get the “coupon-name” in my placeholder


    • hannes

      I’m sorry this plugin doesn’t exist any more. WP E-Commerce has hardly any users now so my own focus is now on WooCommerce


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