Connect NinjaForms to your Newsletter2Go Campaigns

1. Get the plugins

Install the free NinjaForms plugin from WordPress plugin repository and get the Newsletter2Go Extension here. To install NinjaForms Newsletter2Go extension go to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload and upload the ZIP file you received.

2. Connect WordPress to your Newsletter2Go Account

Navigate to NinjaForms -> Settings in your WordPress backend.

Enter your API credentials. You can find these credentials in your Newsletter2Go account settings


Now save your settings and configure your form.

3. Add a signup checkbox (optional)

Navigate to NinjaForms -> Dashboard and edit your form.

You can either pass all form submissions to Newsletter2Go (e.g. for a dedicated newsletter form) or add a checkbox to allow users to optionally signup to your newsletter.

If you want to add a checkbox click the blue + on the bottom right and use the Newsletter2Go Optin field.

4. Connect your form to Newsletter2Go

Navigate to the Emails & Actions tab on the form edit screen and click the blue + on the bottom right again.

Then add the Newsletter2Go action.

Configure the Newsletter2Go action

Choose you subscriber list from the List dropdown, then map each NL2Go field from the left to a NinjaForms field on the right.

You can also select groups where your recipients should be assigned.


Double opt in emails are part of the forms inside your Newsletter2Go account. If the Opt In Form dropdown is empty please go to your NL2Go account, create a form and an according Opt In email and complete the configuration afterwards.